Link Building is a positioning process that focuses on getting links from other domains and is one of the most important factors influencing positions in Google's organic search results.

The purpose of Link Building is to improve your website's position in search engines and increase website traffic and the number of backlinks. Various techniques are used in this process, as you will learn about this below.

The most important and crucial elements in link building.

Please be aware that not all links are created equal and blindly building a link profile is not recommended. Currently, we definitely focus on quality, not quantity. In February 2021, Google, through its "link" John Mueller, announced that the total number of links does not count for algorithms, but their quality. We have been observing for a long time that acquiring one valuable link has a much better impact on positioning than getting ten weak ones. I will try to outline a few key elements to focus on when creating an effective link building strategy.

Focus on links from Unique Refferring Domains.

It is worth mentioning that the most natural link profile will have links from many unique referring domains and will contain dofollow and nofollow links, instead of multiple links acquired within one domain.

An element of a successful Link Building campaign is obtaining links from websites thematically related to our website. With their help, we help the algorithms to correctly qualify the website, as well as gain new customers or readers interested in a given topic.

Nothing stands in the way of acquiring several links from one domain, e.g. by creating a series of expert articles dealing with interesting issues. In this case, apart from building a link profile, we also create ourselves as an expert in a given field.

Building links is not one of the easiest tasks, it is time-consuming, sometimes costly, and sometimes risky. However, it is an essential element if we want to fight for high positions in search results. Thanks to this article, you already know how to act and you can base your link building strategy on several of the above-mentioned techniques.

Below you will find 60+ DoFollow high ranking websites where you can create a free backlink.
I suggest using a free tool to test your website's ranking tool



    DA PA 99 73
    DA PA 95 81
    DA PA 94 88
  Example Example1    
    DA PA 93 74
    DA PA 92 92
  Example Example1    
    DA PA 92 84
    DA PA 91 70
  Example Example1    
    DA PA 90 71
    DA PA 89 64
  Example Example1    
    DA PA 88 66
    DA PA 86 62
    DA PA 77 64
  Example Example1    
    DA PA 75 64
     DA  PA  72  67
  Example Example1 66 55
    DA PA 61 58
     DA PA  48 49
  Example Example1    
                          NoFollow nofalow

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Building quality links

Building quality links

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