Free for dev - list of software-1 (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)

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Free for dev - list of software-1 (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)


Developers and Open Source authors now have a massive amount of services offering free tiers, but it can be hard to find them all to make informed decisions.

This is a list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers.

The scope of this particular list is limited to things that infrastructure developers (System Administrator, DevOps Practitioners, etc.) are likely to find useful. We love all the free services out there, but it would be good to keep it on topic. It's a bit of a grey line at times so this is a bit opinionated; do not be offended if I do not accept your contribution.

This list is the result of Pull Requests, reviews, ideas and work done by 900+ people. You too can help by sending Pull Requests to add more services or by remove ones whose offerings have changed or been retired.

NOTE: This list is only for as-a-Service offerings, not for self-hosted software. For a service to be eligible it has to offer a free tier and not just a free trial. If the free tier is time-bucketed it has to be for at least a year. We also consider the free tier from a security perspective, so SSO is fine but I will not accept services that restrict TLS to paid-only tiers.

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Major Cloud Providers

  • Google Cloud Platform

    • App Engine - 28 frontend instance hours per day, 9 backend instance hours per day
    • Cloud Firestore - 1GB storage, 50,000 reads, 20,000 writes, 20,000 deletes per day
    • Compute Engine - 1 non-preemptible f1-micro, 30GB HDD, 5GB snapshot storage (restricted to certain regions), 1 GB network egress from North America to all region destinations (excluding China and Australia) per month
    • Cloud Storage - 5GB, 1GB network egress
    • Cloud Shell - Web-based Linux shell/basic IDE with 5GB of persistent storage. 60 hours limit per week
    • Cloud Pub/Sub - 10GB of messages per month
    • Cloud Functions - 2 million invocations per month (includes both background and HTTP invocations)
    • Cloud Run - 2 million requests per month, 360,000 GB-seconds memory, 180,000 vCPU-seconds of compute time, 1 GB network egress from North America per month
    • Google Kubernetes Engine - No cluster management fee for one zonal cluster. Each user node is charged at standard Compute Engine pricing
    • BigQuery - 1 TB of querying per month, 10 GB of storage each month
    • Cloud Build - 120 build-minutes per day
    • Cloud Source Repositories - Up to 5 Users, 50 GB Storage, 50 GB Egress
    • Full, detailed list -
  • Amazon Web Services

    • Amazon DynamoDB - 25GB NoSQL DB
    • Amazon Lambda - 1 Million requests per month
    • Amazon SNS - 1 million publishes per month
    • Amazon Cloudwatch - 10 custom metrics and 10 alarms
    • Amazon Glacier - 10GB long-term object storage
    • Amazon SQS - 1 million messaging queue requests
    • Amazon CodeBuild - 100min of build time per month
    • Amazon Code Commit - 5 active users per month
    • Amazon Code Pipeline - 1 active pipeline per month
    • Full, detailed list -
  • Microsoft Azure

  • Oracle Cloud

    • Compute - 2 VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro 1GB RAM, 4 Arm-based Ampere A1 cores and 24 GB of memory usable as one VM or up to 4 VMs
    • Block Volume - 2 volumes, 200 GB total (used for compute)
    • Object Storage - 10 GB
    • Load balancer - 1 instance with 10 Mbps
    • Databases - 2 DBs, 20 GB each
    • Monitoring - 500 million ingestion datapoints, 1 billion retrieval datapoints
    • Bandwidth - 10TB egress per month, speed limited to 5Mbps
    • Notifications - 1 million delivery options per month, 1000 emails sent per month
    • Full, detailed list -
  • IBM Cloud

    • Cloud Functions - 5 million executions per month
    • Object Storage - 25GB per month
    • Cloudant database - 1 GB of data storage
    • Db2 database - 100MB of data storage
    • API Connect - 50,000 API calls per month
    • Availability Monitoring - 3 million data points per month
    • Log Analysis - 500MB of daily log
    • Full, detailed list -


Source Code Repos

  • — Unlimited public and private Git repos for up to 5 users with Pipelines for CI/CD
  • — Unlimited public and private Fossil repositories
  • — One free project with 100 MB space and 2 users
  • - Unlimited public and private Git repos for free and open-source projects. Static website hosting with Codeberg Pages.
  • - Unlimited public and private Git repos
  • GitGud — Unlimited private and public repositories. Free forever. Powered by GitLab & Sapphire. CI/CD not provided.
  • — Unlimited public repositories and unlimited private repositories (with unlimited collaborators). Apart from this some other free services(there are much more but we list the main ones here) provided are :
  • — Unlimited public and private Git repos with unlimited collaborators. Also offers the following features :
    • CI/CD (Free for Public Repos, 400 mins/month for private repos)
    • Static Sites with GitLab Pages.
    • Container Registry with 10 GB limit per repo.
    • Project Management & Issue Tracking.
  • — Heptapod is a friendly fork of GitLab Community Edition providing support for Mercurial
  • - Repo and tools to develop applications with Ionic, also you have an ionic repo
  • NotABug — is a free-software code collaboration platform for freely licensed projects, Git-based
  • — is a free and open source software code collaboration platform for FOSS-licensed projects, Git-based
  • — Free 1GB Cloud and Git, Mercurial, or SVN repositories.
  • - Unlimited free and open source distributed version control system. Its distinctive feature is to be based on a sound theory of patches, which makes it easy to learn and use, and really distributed. Solves many problems of git/hg/svn/darcs.
  • — Free for individuals, OSS and nonprofit organizations
  • — One free private project (Git and Subversion) with 50 MB space
  • RocketGit — Repository Hosting based on Git. Unlimited Public & Private repositories.
  • - Serves as a collaborative software development management system for free Software projects (for GNU Projects)
  • - Serves as a collaborative software development management system for free Software projects (for non-GNU projects)



APIs, Data and ML

  • IP.City — 100 free IP geolocation requests per day
  • Abstract API — API suite for a variety of use cases including IP geolocation, gender detection or even email validation.
  • — Host algorithms for free. Includes free monthly allowance for running algorithms. Now with CLI support.
  • Apify — Web scraping and automation platform that lets you create an API extracting websites data. Free tier with 10k monthly crawls and 7 days data retention.
  • API Mocha - Completely free online API mocking for testing and prototyping. Make up to 500 requests per day, fully customizable API responses, download mock rules as a Postman collection.
  • - Auto-generate images and PDF documents with a simple API or automation tools like Zapier & Airtable. No CSS/HTML required. Free plan comes with 50 images/month and 3 templates.
  • Atlas toolkit - Lightweight library to develop single-page web applications that are instantly accessible. Available for Java, Node.js, Perl, Python and Ruby.
  • Beeceptor - Mock a rest API in seconds, fake API response and much more. Free 50 requests per day, public dashboard, open endpoints (anyone having link to the dashboard can view requests and responses).
  • — Hosted machine learning algorithms. Unlimited free tasks for development, limit of 16 MB data/task.
  • Calendarific - Enterprise-grade Public holiday API service for over 200 countries. Free plan includes 1000 calls per month.
  • Clarifai — Image API for custom face recognition and detection. Able to train AI models. Free plan has 5000 calls per month.
  • Cloudmersive — Utility API platform with full access to expansive API Library including Document Conversion, Virus Scanning, and more with 800 calls/month.
  • Colaboratory — Free web-based Python notebook environment with Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU.
  • Collect2 — Create an API endpoint to test, automate, and connect webhooks. Free plan allows for two datasets, 2000 records, 1 forwarder, and 1 alert.
  • Conversion Tools - Online File Converter for documents, images, video, audio, eBooks. REST API is available. Libraries for Node.js, PHP, Python. Support files up to 50 GB (for paid plans). Free tier is limited by file size and number of conversions per day.
  • CurlHub — Proxy service for inspecting and debugging API calls. Free plan includes 10,000 requests per month.
  • CurrencyScoop - Realtime currency data API for fintech apps. Free plan includes 5000 calls per month.
  • Datapane - API for building interactive reports in Python and deploying Python scripts and Jupyter Notebooks as self-service tools.
  • DB Designer — Cloud based Database schema design and modeling tool with a free starter plan of 2 Database models and 10 tables per model.
  • DeepAR — Augmented reality face filters for any platform with one SDK. Free plan provides up to 10 monthly active users (MAU) and tracking up to 4 faces
  • Deepnote - A new kind of data science notebook. Jupyter-compatible with real-time collaboration and running in the cloud. Free tier includes unlimited personal projects, up to 750 hours of standard hardware and teams with up to 3 editors.
  • Diggernaut — Cloud based web scraping and data extraction platform for turning any website to the dataset or to work with it as with an API. Free plan includes 5K page requests monthly.
  • — A free API providing accurate data for building the Covid-19 related useful Apps.
  • — Data science with support for Python, R, Spark, Hadoop, MATLAB and others.
  • — Open source REST API backend for mobile, web, and IoT applications. Hook up any SQL/NoSQL database, file storage system, or external service and it instantly creates a comprehensive REST API platform with live documentation, user management,...
  • Efemarai - Testing and debugging platform for ML models and data. Visualize any computational graph. Free 30 debugging sessions per month for developers.
  • ExtendsClass - Free web-based HTTP client to send HTTP requests.
  • FraudLabs Pro — Screen an order transaction for credit card payment fraud. This REST API will detect all possible fraud traits based on the input parameters of an order. Free Micro plan has 500 transactions per month.
  • - Completely free Geo IP information (JSON, CSV, XML). No registration required, 15000 queries per hour rate limit.
  • GeoDataSource — Location search service lookup for city name by using latitude and longitude coordinate. Free API queries up to 500 times per month.
  • Glitterly - Programatically generate dynamic images from base templates. Restful API and nocode integrations. Free tier comes with 50 images/month and 5 templates.
  • Hookbin - Create unique (public or private) endpoints to collect, parse, and inspect HTTP requests. Inspect headers, body, query strings, cookies, uploaded files, etc. Useful for testing/inspecting webhook. Similar to RequestBin, and
  • Hoppscotch - A free, fast, and beautiful API request builder.
  • Invantive Cloud — Access over 70 (cloud)platforms such as Exact Online, Twinfield, ActiveCampaign or Visma using Invantive SQL or OData4 (typically Power BI or Power Query). Includes data replication and exchange. Free plan for developers and implementation consultants. Free for specific platforms with limitations in data volumes.
  • Iploka — IP to Geolocation API - Forever free plan for developers with 10k requests per month limit.
  • IP Geolocation — IP Geolocation API - Forever free plan for developers with 30k requests per month (1k/day) limit.
  • IP Geolocation API — IP Geolocation API from Abstract - Extensive free plan allowing 200,000 requests per month.
  • IP2Location — Freemium IP geolocation service. LITE database is available for free download. Import the database in server and perform local query to determine city, coordinates and ISP information.
  • ipapi - IP Address Location API by Kloudend, Inc - A reliable geolocation API, built on AWS, trusted by Fortune 500. Free tier offers 30k lookups/month (1k/day) without signup. Contact us for a higher limit trial plan.
  • IPinfo — Fast, accurate, and free (up to 100k/month) IP address data API. Offers APIs with details on geolocation, companies, carriers, IP ranges, domains, abuse contacts, and more. All paid APIs can be trialed for free.
  • IPList — Lookup details about any IP address, such as Geo IP information, tor addresses, hostnames and ASN details. Free for personal and business users.
  • BigDataCloud - Provides fast, accurate and free (Unlimited or up to 10K-50K/month) APIs for modern web like IP Geolocation, Reverse Geocoding, Networking Insights, Email and Phone Validation, Client Info and more.
  • IPTrace — An embarrassingly simple API that provides reliable and useful IP geolocation data for your business.
  • JSON IP — Returns the Public IP address of the client it is requested from. No registration required for free tier. Using CORS data can be requested using client side JS directly from browser. Useful for services monitoring change in client and server IPs. Unlimited Requests.
  • — API Marketplace and powerful tools for private and public APIs. With the free tier, some features are limited such as monitoring, alerting and support.
  • Kreya — Free gRPC GUI client to call and test gRPC APIs. Can import gRPC APIs via server reflection.
  • KSoft.Si — Free lyrics api chiefly aimed for discord bots.Also provides an extensive library of images and user data
  • Lightly — Improve your machine learning models by using the right data. Use datasets of up to 1'000 samples for free.
  • MailboxValidator — Email verification service using real mail server connection to confirm valid email. Free API plan has 300 verifications per month.
  • – It turns any website into data such as metatags normalization, beauty link previews, scraping capabilities or screenshots as a service. 100 reqs/day every day free.
  • — Text analysis with machine learning, free 300 queries/month.
  • MockAPI — MockAPI is a simple tool that lets you easily mock up APIs, generate custom data, and preform operations on it using RESTful interface. MockAPI is meant to be used as a prototyping/testing/learning tool. 1 project/50 resources per project for free.
  • Mocki - A tool that lets you create mock GraphQL and REST APIs synced to a GitHub repository. Simple REST APIs are free to create and use without signup.
  • — Proxy your API, choose which endpoints to mock in the cloud and inspect traffic, for free. Speed up your development and integrations tests.
  • - A Free hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests.
  • — Create fake REST API for developers with possibility to generate code and app in docker container.
  • News API — Search news on the web with code, get JSON results. Developers get 3,000 queries free each month.
  • OCR.Space — An OCR API which parses image and pdf files returning the text results in JSON format. 25,000 requests per month free.
  • OpenAPI3 Designer — Visually create Open API 3 definitions for free.
  • — Extract data from dynamic sites, turn dynamic websites into APIs, 5 projects free.
  • Pixela - Free daystream database service. All operations are performed by API. Visualization with heat maps and line graphs is also possible.
  • Postbacks - Request HTTP callbacks for a later time. 8,000 free requests on signup.
  • Postman — Simplify workflows and create better APIs – faster – with Postman, a collaboration platform for API development. Use the Postman App for free forever. Postman cloud features are also free forever with certain limits.
  • ProxyCrawl — Crawl and scrape websites without the need of proxies, infrastructure or browsers. We solve captchas for you and prevent you being blocked. The first 1000 calls are free of charge.
  • QuickMocker — Manage online fake API endpoints under your own subdomain, forward requests to localhost URL for webhooks development and testing, use RegExp and multiple HTTP methods for URL path, prioritize endpoints, more than 100 shortcodes (dynamic or fake response values) for response templating, import from OpenAPI (Swagger) Specifications in JSON format, proxy requests, restrict endpoint by IP address and authorization header. Free account provides 1 random subdomain, 10 endpoints, 5 RegExp URL paths, 50 shortcodes per endpoint, 100 requests per day, 50 history records in requests log.
  • — Create a free endpoint to which you can send HTTP requests. Any HTTP requests sent to that endpoint will be recorded with the associated payload and headers so you can observe requests from webhooks and other services.
  • — APISpark enables any API, application or data owner to become an API provider in minutes via an intuitive browser interface.
  • Roboflow - create and deploy a custom computer vision model with no prior machine learning experience required. Free tier includes up to 1,000 free source images.
  • ROBOHASH - Web service to generate unique (cool :) images from any text.
  • Scraper.AI - SaaS that turns any website into a consumable API for you to build on. Free 50 extractions and 10000 API calls / month.
  • Scraper API — Cloud based web scraping API handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. Scrape any web page with a simple API call. Get started with 1000 free API calls/month.
  • Scraper's Proxy — Simple HTTP proxy API made for scraping. Scrape anonymously without having to worry about restrictions, blocks or captchas. First 100 successfully scrape's per month free including javascript rendering (more available if you contact support).
  • ScrapingAnt — Headless Chrome scraping API and free checked proxies service. Javascript rendering, premium rotating proxies, CAPTCHAs avoiding. Free plans available.
  • ScraperBox — Undetectable web scraping API using real Chrome browsers and proxy rotation. Use a simple API call to scrape any web page. Free plan has 1000 requests per month.
  • ScrapingDog — Scrapingdog handles millions of proxies, browsers and CAPTCHAs to provide you with HTML of any web page in a single API call. It also provides Web Scraper for Chrome & Firefox and a software for instant scraping demand. Free plans available.
  • — Data scraping with visual interface and plugins. Free plan includes unlimited scraping on a shared server.
  • ScrapingNinja — Handle JS rendering, Chrome Headless, Proxy rotation and CAPTCHAs solving all in one place. The first 1000 are free of charge, no credit card required.
  • Sheetson - Instantly turn any Google Sheets into RESTful API. Free plan available.
  • shrtcode API - Free URL Shortening API without authorization and no request limits.
  • SerpApi - Real-time search engine scraping API. Returns structured JSON results for Google, Youtube, Bing, Baidu, Walmart and many other engines. Free plan includes 100 successful API calls per month.
  • Similar Words API — An API to find similar words, has vocabulary of about 4Million words.
  • Sofodata - Create secure RESTful APIs from CSV files. Upload a CSV file and instantly access the data via its API allowing faster application development. Free plan includes 2 APIs and 2,500 API calls per month. No credit card required.
  • tamber — Put deep-learning powered recommendations in your app. Free 5k monthly active users.
  • Time Door - A time series analysis API.
  • TinyMCE - rich text editing API. Core features free for unlimited usage.
  • Unixtime - Free API to convert Unixtime to DateTime and vice versa.
  • Vattly - Highly available, fast and secure VAT validation API, that provides full European Union coverage. 10 free API calls per day.
  • - Easily test HTTP webhooks with this handy tool that displays requests instantly.
  • — NLP for developers.
  • — Built-in knowledge-based algorithms in the cloud.
  • — Turn any website into a parameterized API. 30k API calls per month.
  • Zenscrape — Web scraping API with headless browsers, residentials IPs and simple pricing. 1000 free API calls/month, extra free credits for students and non-profits.
  • ip-api — IP Geolocation API, Free for non-commercial use, no API key required, limited to 45 req/minute from the same IP address for the free plan.
  • WebScraping.AI - Simple Web Scraping API with built-in parsing, Chrome rendering and proxies. 2000 free API calls per month.
  • Zipcodebase - Free Zip Code API, access to Worldwide Postal Code Data. 10000 free requests/month.
  • EVA - Free email validator API, which helps to identify whether an email is disposable and having valid MX records.
  • - Freemium api services collection (Music, Exchange Rate, Key value store, Language Detection, Password Generator, QRCode Generator, Lyrics). 8000 free API calls per month.


Artifact Repos

  • Artifactory - An artifact repository that supports numerous package formats like Maven, Docker, Cargo, Helm, PyPI, CocoaPods, and GitLFS. Incudes package scanning tool XRay and CI/CD tool Pipelines (formerly Shippable) with a free tier of 2,000 CI/CD minutes per month.
  • — The default artifact repository for Apache Maven, SBT and other build systems.
  • - Cloud based, private and public, Maven and PyPi repositories. Free for open source projects.
  • — Simple, secure and centralised repository service for Java/Maven, RedHat, Debian, Python, Ruby, Vagrant +more. Free tier + free for open source.
  • — Maven repository for JVM and Android projects on GitHub, free for public projects.
  • — Easy to use repository hosting for: Maven, RPM, DEB, PyPi, NPM, and RubyGem packages (has free tier).
  • — 1 GB Free private/public Maven Repository.


Tools for Teams and Collaboration

  • 3Cols - A free cloud based code snippet manager for personal and collaborative code.
  • Bitwarden — The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data.
  • Braid — Chat app designed for teams. Free for public access group, unlimited users, history, and integrations. also it provide self-hostable open-source version.
  • — Find the perfect time and date for a meeting. Simple to use, works great for small and large groups.
  • Calendly — Calendly is the tool for connecting and scheduling meetings. Free plan provides 1 Calendar connection per user and Unlimited meetings. Desktop and Mobile apps also provided.
  • Discord — Chat with public/private rooms. Markdown text, voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities. Free for unlimited users.
  • Duckly — Talk and collaborate in real-time with your team. Pair programming with any IDE, terminal sharing, voice, video and screen sharing. Free for small teams.
  • — Tool for organizing information. Share your notes and work together with others
  • Fibery — Connected workspace platform. Free for single user, up to 2 GB disk space.
  • Filestash — A Dropbox-like file manager that connects to a range of protocols and platforms: S3, FTP, SFTP, Minio, Git, WebDAV, Backblaze, LDAP and more.
  • — A faster way for your team to communicate. Free Unlimited Messages, Channels, Users, Apps & Integrations
  • — Chat and inbox, free for teams up to 5
  • — Chat, for GitHub. Unlimited public and private rooms, free for teams up to 25
  • — One place for all your conversations, for free, need a Google account
  • HeySpace - Task management tool with chat, calendar, timeline and video calls. Free for up to 5 users.
  • — Help over video with augmented reality. Free without analytics, encryption, support
  • — Allow clients to submit ideas and vote, free for 25 members in 1 community
  • Igloo — Internal portal for sharing documents, blogs and calendars etc. Free for up to 10 users.
  • Keybase — Keybase is a cool FOSS alternative to Slack, it keeps everyone's chats and files safe, from families to communities to companies.
  • Google Meet — Use Google Meet for your business's online video meeting needs. Meet provides secure, easy-to-join online meetings.
  • — One click video conversations, screen sharing, for free
  • Microsoft Teams — Microsoft Teams is a chat-based digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place all from a single experience. Free for up to 500k users.
  • Miro - Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams. With freemium plan.
  • Notion - Notion is a note-taking and collaboration application with markdown support that also integrates tasks, wikis, and databases. The company describes the app as an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task management. In addition to cross-platform apps, it can be accessed via most web browsers.
  • Nuclino - A lightweight and collaborative wiki for all your team's knowledge, docs, and notes. Free plan with all essential features, up to 50 items, 5GB total storage.
  • Pendulums - Pendulums is a free time tracking tool which helps you to manage your time in a better manner with an easy to use interface and useful statistics.
  • - Private and secure bookmarking app for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS and Web. Free Unlimited Bookmarks and Collaboration.
  • — A decentralized and open source communication tool built on Matrix. Group chats, direct messaging, encrypted file transfers, voice and video chats, and easy integration with other services.
  • Rocket.Chat - Shared inbox for teams, secure, unlimited and open source.
  • — Private or cloud storage, file sharing, sync, discussions. Private version is full. Cloud version has just 1 GB
  • Slab — A modern knowledge management service for teams. Free for up to 10 users.
  • — Free for unlimited users with some feature limitations
  • Spectrum - Create public or private communities for free.
  • StatusPile - A status page of status pages. Track the status pages of your upstream providers.
  • — Free group video chat. Anonymous. Peer‑to‑peer. No plugins, signup, or payment required
  • Tefter - Bookmarking app with a powerful Slack integration. Free for open-source teams.
  • TeleType — share terminals, voice, code, whiteboard and more. no sign-in required, end-to-end encrypted collaboration for developers.
  • TimeCamp - Free time tracking software for unlimited users. Easily integrates with PM tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, etc.
  • Tree Schema — Data catalog and metadata management with APIs to manage data lineage as code. Free for teams of up to 5 users.
  • — An asynchronous-friendly team communication app where conversations stay organized and on-topic. Free and Unlimited plans available. Discounts provided for eligible teams.
  • - Free all-on-one bookmark manager, tab manager, and task manager in a customizable online desktop with folder collaboration.
  • — Share and discuss ideas with your team through instant messaging on the web or on your mobile
  • Tugboat - Preview every pull request, automated and on-demand. Free for all, complimentary Nano tier for non-profits.
  • — One click video conversations, for free (formerly known as
  • - Interconnected online personas, user stories and context mapping. Helps keep design and dev in sync, free for up to 3 personas and 2 collaborators.
  • — Video hosting with viewer analytics, HD video delivery and marketing tools to help understand your visitors, 25 videos and Wistia branded player
  • — Straightforward file sharing service. Share unlimited files up to 5GB to as many peers as you want.
  • — Secure Video and Web conferencing, add-ons available. Free limited to 40 minutes
  • - Project management service that makes collaboration in the office and remotely transparent with tracker based on AI.
  • — With CRM, OA, and Project management suites, zdoo is so powerful for team collaboration. Free cloud version with limited users and space offered, one-month free trial for premium versions.
  • Zulip — Real-time chat with unique email-like threading model. Free plan includes 10,000 messages of search history and File storage up to 5 GB. also it provides self-hostable open-source version.
  • - Simple and complex automation workflow tool with over 200+ app integrations. 300 monthly actions and 5 bots are free
  • - Open-source stack for powering Automation Ops. Try out Cloud features and implement simple automations for free. Robot work 240 min/month, 10 Assistant runs, Storage of 100 MB.



  • — Hosting for Drupal sites. Free tier for developers. Free development tools (such as Acquia Dev Desktop) also available
  • Contentful — Headless CMS. Content management and delivery APIs in the cloud. Comes with one free Community space that includes 5 users, 25K records, 48 Content Types, 2 locales.
  • Cosmic — Headless CMS and API toolkit. Free personal plans for developers.
  • Crystallize — Headless PIM with ecommerce support. Built-in GraphQL API. Free version includes unlimited users, 1000 catalogue items, 5 GB/month bandwidth and 25k/month API calls.
  • Directus — Headless CMS. A completely free and open-source platform for managing assets and database content on-prem or in the Cloud. No limitations or paywalls.
  • — Headless CMS. Give your editors the power of Git. Create and edit Markdown-based content with ease. Comes with three free sites that includes 3 editors, Instant Previews. Integrates with blogs hosted on Netlify/GitHubpages/ elsewhere
  • - A Content-as-a-Service platform that gives you all the headless CMS benefits while empowering marketers at the same time. Developer plan provides 2 users with unlimited projects with 2 environments for each, 500 content items, 2 languages with Delivery and Management API, and Custom elements support. Larger plans available to meet your needs.
  • Prismic — Headless CMS. Content management interface with fully hosted and scalable API. The Community Plan provides 1 user with unlimited API calls, documents, custom types, assets, and locales. Everything that you need for your next project. Bigger free plans available for Open Content/Open Source projects.
  • – Hosted backend for structured content with customizable MIT licensed editor built with React. Unlimited projects. 3 users, 2 datasets, 500k API CDN requests, 5GB assets for free per project
  • sensenet - API-first headless CMS providing enterprise-grade solutions for businesses of all size. The Developer plan provides 3 users, 500 content items, 3 built-in roles, 25+5 content types, fully accessible REST API, document preview generation and Office Online editing.
  • GraphCMS - Offers free tier for small projects. GraphQL first API. Move away from legacy solutions to the GraphQL native Headless CMS - and deliver omnichannel content API first.
  • Squidex - Offers free tier for small projects. API / GraphQL first. Open source, and based on event sourcing (versing every changes automatically).

Code Quality

  • SoftaCheck — An online tool that performs static analysis for C/C++ code using open source tools such as cppcheck and clang-tidy and automatically generates code documentation for users using doxygen. This tool is free for use.
  • — A complete workflow to write, review and deploy code), free account for 1 user and 1 repository with 100 MB of storage
  • — Live interactive cross-browser testing, free only 3 minutes sessions with MS IE 9 under Vista at 1024 x 768 resolution
  • — Automated code reviews for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Scala, CSS and CoffeeScript, free for unlimited public and private repositories
  • - Automated Infrastructure as Code review tool for DevOps integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab (even self-hosted). In addition to standard languages, it analyzes also Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and more. (open-source free)
  • CodeBeat — Automated Code Review Platform available for many languages. Free forever for public repositories with Slack & E-mail integration.
  • — Automated code review, free for Open Source and unlimited organisation-owned private repos (up to 4 collaborators). Also free for students and institutions.
  • — Code coverage tool (SaaS), free for Open Source and 1 free private repo
  • CodeFactor — Automated Code Review for Git. Free version includes unlimited users, unlimited public repositories and 1 private repo.
  • - CodeScene prioritizes technical debt based on how the developers work with the code and visualizes organizational factors like team coupling and system mastery. Free for Open Source.
  • — Display test coverage reports, free for Open Source
  • dareboost - 5 free analysis report for web performance, accessibility, security each month
  • — DeepCode finds bugs, security vulnerabilities, performance and API issues based on AI. DeepCode's speed of analysis allow us to analyse your code in real time and deliver results when you hit the save button in your IDE. Supported languages are Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript. Integrations with GitHub, BitBucket and Gitlab. Free for open source and private repos, free up to 30 developers.
  • — Advanced static analysis for automatically finding runtime errors in JavaScript code, free for Open Source
  • DeepSource - DeepSource continuously analyzes source code changes, finds and fixes issues categorized under security, performance, anti-patterns, bug-risks, documentation and style. Native integration with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.
  • — EverSQL - The #1 platform for database optimization. Gain critical insights into your database and SQL queries, auto-magically.
  • — Gerrit code review for GitHub repositories for free
  • — Code coverage for any Go package
  • — Code Quality for Go projects, free for Open Source
  • — Reports and thorough recommendations to optimize websites
  • - The #1 static code analyzer for Postgresql optimization. Performance, security, and architect database issues automatic detection service
  • — Comments on GitHub commits about code quality, free for Open Source
  • Imgbot — Imgbot is a friendly robot that optimizes your images and saves you time. Optimized images mean smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality. It's free for open source.
  • Kritika — Static Code Analysis for Perl with integration for GitHub. Free for unlimited public repositories.
  • — is a FREE API that provides image optimization. has been implemented on the most common CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal or Magento. is the most used image optimization API with more than 7 billions images already treated, and is still Free of charge.
  • — Code Quality for PHP/Symfony projects, free for Open Source
  • — Continuous security analysis for Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C and C++, free for Open Source
  • — Code review for GitHub repositories, free for public or personal repos
  • - Abstract syntax tree parsers and intermediate representation compilers as a service
  • — Static code analysis for Java, C/C++, C# and JavaScript, free for Open Source
  • — Continuous inspection platform, free for Open Source
  • — Quality metadata badges for open source projects
  • Sider — Code review platform for many languages. Supports integration with GitHub. Free for public repositories with unlimited users.
  • — Automated source code analysis for Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Groovy and even more languages, free for Open Source
  • SourceLevel — Automated Code Review and Team Analytics. Free for Open Source and organizations up to 5 collaborators.
  • Typo CI — Typo CI reviews your Pull Requests and commits for spelling mistakes, free for Open Source.
  • — SEO tools but with also code verifications and different type of advices
  • — Fix the performance of your web sites, detailed analysis


Code Search and Browsing

  • — Codota helps developers create better software, faster by providing insights learned from all the code in the world. Plugin available.
  • — Search and dependency update notifications for 32 different package managers, free for open source
  • Namae - Search across various websites like github,gitlab,heroku,netlify and many more for availabilty of your project name.
  • — Comprehensive text-based code search, free for Open Source
  • — Java, Go, Python, Node.js, etc., code search/cross-references, free for Open Source
  • — Surfaces TODO comments (and other markers) to identify areas of code worth returning to for improvement.
  • CodeKeep - Google Keep for Code Snippets. Organize,Discover and share code snippets, featuring a powerful code screenshot tool with preset templates and linking feature.


CI and CD

  • AccessLint — AccessLint brings automated web accessibility testing into your development workflow. It's free for open source and education purposes.
  • — Automated mobile CI/CD/CT for iOS and Android with online device emulators. 20 minutes build timeout (60 mins for Open Source) with single concurrency for free.
  • — CD service for Windows, free for Open Source
  • — A CI/CD for mobile apps, native or hybrid. With 200 free builds/month 10 min build time and two team members. OSS projects get 45 min build time, +1 concurrency and unlimited team size.
  • — A CI/CD with 5 free projects and 1 concurrent runs (120 executions/month)
  • — Build, deploy and gather feedback for your iOS and Android apps in one seamless, iterative system
  • — Free for one concurrent build
  • - Free for public GitHub repositories
  • — Free-for-Life plan: 1 build, 1 environment, shared servers, unlimited public repos
  • - Free 500 build minutes/month
  • — 100 private builds/month, 5 private projects, unlimited for Open Source
  • Continuous PHP — continuousphp is the first and only PHP-centric Platform to build, package, test and deploy applications in the same workflow. Free for Community Projects i.e. OSS/Public/Educational projects.
  • — 1 project with 10 daily deployments (30 build minutes/month)
  • drone - Drone Cloud enables developers to run Continuous Delivery pipelines across multiple architectures - including x86 and Arm (both 32 bit and 64 bit) - all in one place
  • LayerCI — CI for full stack projects. 1 full stack preview environment with 5GB memory & 3 CPUs .
  • ligurio/awesome-ci — Comparison of Continuous Integration services
  • Octopus Deploy - Automated deployment and release-management. Free for <= 10 deployment targets.
  • - Remote state & operations backend for Terraform with full CLI support, integration with OPA and a hierarchical configuration model. Free up to 5 users.
  • — Free for Open Source, 100 private builds per month
  • Squash Labs — creates a VM for each branch and makes your app available from a unique URL, Unlimited public & private repos, Up to 2 GB VM Sizes.
  • — 100% free. Unlimited deployments, branches and builds
  • — Public GitHub repositories only
  • — Free for public GitHub repositories
  • Mergify — workflow automation and merge queue for GitHub — Free for public GitHub repositories

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