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Get the latest news on various mining stocks at We also provide investors with price details on gold, silver, copper, zinc, potash, diamond, uranium and more mining stocks.


Our mission

We empower every investor to profit from the success of the world’s best mining companies through honest, world-class research and our unique access to the industry’s insiders


The world is going through a massive transformation...
Trillions of dollars are being invested in renewable energy technologies, electric vehicle manufacturing, power infrastructure, smart buildings… the list goes on.
On the other hand, powerful macroeconomic trends such as the limitless money creation by the Federal Reserve and other institutions have been causing one of the most intense periods of high inflation in history.
In response, investors seek to protect their portfolio by investing in gold and silver.

Canada is powering these once-in-a-lifetime megatrends.

The global economic transformation needs raw materials. Lithium to power electric vehicles… copper to build wind and solar installations, uranium to produce clean and carbon-free energy…
And Canada has the mineral riches and the technical expertise to deliver most of the commodities the world needs to become cleaner, safer, and more sustainable.
The Canadian mining industry is uniquely positioned to produce what the world will require to achieve this goal.
This means new exploration… new success stories… and billions of dollars in new value created for the mining companies’ shareholders.

Our mission here at the Canadian Mining Report is to show you how to unlock this value.

Every investor deserves clear, concise, and relevant research.
And individual investors like you make a big difference for junior mining companies.
Your capital empowers them to make the next discovery… to provide the world with the materials and technologies it desperately needs.

Investors like you are changing the world right now.

We are here to provide you with the best research on some of the most exciting opportunities in this sector.
We work with world-class industry executives, experienced researchers, geologists, entrepreneurs, and many others.
Our goal is to provide you with relevant and complete information on Canadian mining companies.

Canada is home to more mining companies than any other market in the world.

Almost one-half of all mining companies listed in the world trade in Canada.
It was the number one country to list a mining company in 2021.
And the mining sector was one of the best performers in 2021.
According to the Toronto Stock Exchange, the average price performance of its most successful mining companies was 572%.
The mining bull market has just begun. And mining companies look relatively cheap to their valuation in the beginning of the year. Since then, the average price-to-sales ration for the TSX-V index has declined by 57%.
But it wasn’t a one-time occurrence.
We tracked data on commodity bull markets going back to 1802.

On average, a commodity bull market delivered a 202.9% return.

We are in the middle of one of the biggest commodity bull markets in history.
Early data from the Toronto Stock Exchange confirms this.
And the S&P/TSX Venture Metals & Mining Index is another case in point. Between the depths of the Covid selloff and the late-2021 highs, it appreciated by 244%.
We believe that this bull market has incredible potential to transform the world and create wealth for the Canadian mining investors.


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Canadian Mining Report

Canadian Mining Report

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