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The Advertising Automation Platform

for Agencies, Brands, and Media Companies that Drives Performance and Efficiencies


The DSP Purpose-Built for Performance at the Global, National or Hyper-Local Level

  • Flexible service models including Self-Service or Managed-Service from our experienced team
  • Access to high-quality inventory through the largest exchanges and private marketplace deals
  • 100% transparent pricing and delivery on every impression
  • Integrated proprietary DMP built to utilize time-stamped unstructured audience data
  • Customize addressable, location, and behavioral audiences to individual campaign objectives
  • Real-time online and foot traffic conversion reporting including daily lift analysis
  • Hundreds of detailed campaign reports along with integrations into 3rd party reporting suites


Media Buying Solutions


The precision of digital with the impact of TV. Marketers can reach their ideal audience locally or nationwide based on consumer demographics, purchase behavior, financial profile, interests, online browsing behavior, location intelligence and more. Measured and optimized to true business outcomes ranging from online transactions to incremental foot traffic visits. CTV ads can be truly audience directed or the content can be shaped to meet individual campaign needs across the highest quality networks and shows.

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The most customizable and scalable solution available to identify, reach and message specific households across any web connected device with any creative type. Access over 120 million address-level identity graphs to instantly activate digital campaigns utilizing 1st party data or curate unique household audiences by selecting from 700+ consumer data variables. Planning is easy with instant household and device counts and campaigns can be optimized to a broad range of desired outcomes. All complete with zip code +4 level reporting.

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Deliver ads to the right audience based on location data at scale without sacrificing precision. Measure foot traffic visits across locations with real-time reporting on visit rates and visit lift from your campaigns. We use our own proprietary DMP for ingesting millions of unique privacy compliant time-stamped GPS coordinates daily from consumers’ mobile devices as they live, work and play. Our Geo-Fencing and Conversion Zone solutions set the standard for location-based marketing and measurement.

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Advanced targeting capabilities give you the ability to reach your ideal consumer utilizing the most popular ad formats and video lengths. Detailed and transparent reporting gives marketers real-time feedback on video-specific performance metrics such as viewability, completion rate, mute rate and more. Beyond CTV, short form video has grown across publisher websites, mobile apps and social media.

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Our audience-first display advertising solutions give marketers the ability to achieve increased performance, faster, with deeper campaign insights. Retarget website visitors or deliver ads to the right consumer at the right time utilizing our unique keyword-level behavioral targeting solutions. Reach consumers based on keywords they search or within the context of the subjects they are reading while online. Our platform allows you to bid, optimize and report on impressions and performance at a keyword-level.

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Target, measure and report on social media ad campaigns. Marketers can plan and manage campaigns' budgets as well as the performance of their social media campaigns alongside their programmatic CTV, video, display, and native campaigns. Take advantage of a single interface with comprehensive visibility into campaign performance via unified reporting. We support all targeting and measurement capabilities that exist within Facebook & Instagram.

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Software Solutions


Our comprehensive accounting system includes billing, accounts payable, general ledger and more. Real-time data and updates are centralized, communicating across systems, which seamlessly integrates your accounting with your media planning/buying and project management.

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Media Planning & Buying

A central location to plan, buy and manage all media types including broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home. Our complete media platform streamlines your media workflow from planning to buying and reporting. The entire lifecycle of your media will have a digital record that you can access in real-time. Orders can be generated from media plans, which automatically creates billing records. Electronic communications, makegoods and powerful campaign monitoring tools increase efficiency.

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Project Management

Our software enables managers to track, communicate about and collaborate on any job or project in real-time. The tools work with any workflow, from agile to waterfall and even on-the-fly assignments. Schedules and visualizations keep you ahead of deadlines and budgets with accurate and up-to-date job statuses and hours spent on projects displayed in customizable dashboards and reports. Our resource management tools track availability with workload schedules allowing you to assign or reassign resources in real-time. Plus, visual indicators show over- or under-utilization so you know the standing of every person on your team at a glance.

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