Free for dev - list of software-3 (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)

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Free for dev - list of software-3 (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)


Developers and Open Source authors now have a massive amount of services offering free tiers, but it can be hard to find them all to make informed decisions.

This is a list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers.

The scope of this particular list is limited to things that infrastructure developers (System Administrator, DevOps Practitioners, etc.) are likely to find useful. We love all the free services out there, but it would be good to keep it on topic. It's a bit of a grey line at times so this is a bit opinionated; do not be offended if I do not accept your contribution.

This list is the result of Pull Requests, reviews, ideas and work done by 900+ people. You too can help by sending Pull Requests to add more services or by remove ones whose offerings have changed or been retired.

NOTE: This list is only for as-a-Service offerings, not for self-hosted software. For a service to be eligible it has to offer a free tier and not just a free trial. If the free tier is time-bucketed it has to be for at least a year. We also consider the free tier from a security perspective, so SSO is fine but I will not accept services that restrict TLS to paid-only tiers.



Web Hosting

  • Alwaysdata — 100 MB free web hosting with support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Java, Deno, custom web servers, access via FTP, WebDAV and SSH; mailbox, mailing list and app installer included.
  • — Free web hosting + a free short domain, PHP, MySQL, App Installer, Email Sending & No Ads.
  • Bubble — Visual programming to build web and mobile apps without code, free with Bubble branding.
  • — Free cloud hosting for Node.js apps.
  • Drive To Web — Host directly to the web from Google Drive & OneDrive. Static sites only. Free forever. One site per Google/Microsoft account.
  • Endless Hosting — 300 MB storage, Free SSL, PHP, MySQL, FTP, free sub-domains, E-Mail, DNS, beatiful panel UI. One of the best!
  • Fenix Web Server - A developer desktop app for hosting sites locally and sharing them publically (in realtime). Work however you like, using its beautiful user interface, API, and/or CLI.
  • Free Hosting — Free Hosting With PHP 5, Perl, CGI, MySQL, FTP, File Manager, POP E-Mail, free sub-domains, free domain hosting, DNS Zone Editor, Web Site Statistics, FREE Online Support and many more features not offered by other free hosts.
  • Freehostia — FreeHostia offers free hosting services incl. an industry-best Control Panel & a 1-click installation of 50+ free apps. Instant setup. No forced ads.
  • — Community powered free hosting for everyone.
  • — Deploy up to 3 static sites from your GitHub repository for free.
  • — Static, 1 GB free storage with 200 GB Bandwidth.
  • — Builds, deploy and hosts static site/app free for, 100 GB data and 100 GB/month bandwidth.
  • - Static web hosting and CDN.100% free and open source software (FOSS). With a commercially sustainable software as a service (SaaS) to fund R&D.
  • — Drupal and WordPress hosting, automated DevOps and scalable infrastructure. Free for developers and agencies
  • — Free documentation hosting with versioning, PDF generation and more
  • — A unified platform to build and run all your apps and web app free SSL, a global CDN, private networks and auto deploys from Git, free for static web page.
  • — Find, Create and Publish Open Source software for free
  • Stormkit — Integrate building, deploying and hosting seamlessly with your git flow of your JAMStack or Node.JS app. 50 GB bandwith and 10m requests for free per month including free SSL.
  • — Static web publishing for Front-End developers. Unlimited sites with custom domain support
  • — One site, 50 pages, 50 MB storage, only the main pre-defined blocks among 170+ available, no fonts, no favicon and no custom domain
  • — Quickly create web pages with markdown.
  • Vercel — Build, deploy, and host web apps with free SSL, global CDN, and unique Preview URLs each time you git push. Perfect for Next.js and other Static Site Generators.
  • Versoly — SaaS focussed website builder - unlimited websites, 70+ blocks, 5 templates, custom CSS, favicon, SEO and forms. No custom domain.
  • Qovery — Qovery is the simplest way to deploy your full-stack apps on AWS, GCP and Azure. It is free web hosting for developers with Database, SSL, a global CDN, and auto deploys from Git.
  • - PaaS service similar to Heroku with a developer-centric approach and all inclusive features. Free tier for static assets, staging and developer apps.



  • — Free DNS service with API, and lots of other free DNS features included.
  • — Free email and DNS hosting for up to 5,000 users
  • — Free DNS hosting up to 1 domain with 50 records
  • — Free DNS hosting service with Dynamic DNS Support
  • — Free DNS hosting.
  • — Free DDNS with up to 5 domains on the free tier. With configuration guides for various setups.
  • — Free dynamic DNS service
  • - Free open source hosting VPS, web, storage and mirror hosting
  • — Free DNS hosting. Also provide free subdomain based on numerous public user contributed domains. Get free subdomains from "Subdomains" menu after signing up.
  • — Free DNS hosting, 3 domains, all features with reasonable limits
  • — Free DNS. No limit on number of domains
  • - DNS based firewall, 300K free queries monthly
  • noip — a dynamic dns service that allows up to 3 hostnames free with confirmation every 30 days
  • — Data Driven DNS, automatic traffic management, 500k free queries
  • — Free DNS hosting on Heroku.
  • — Free DNS hosting, anycast
  • — Free DNS hosting.
  • Yandex.Connect — Free email and DNS hosting for up to 1,000 users
  • — Free DNS hosting.
  • — Free DNS hosting with Dynamic DNS Support.
  • — Automatic backups and DNS change monitoring. 1 domain free
  • – Free DNS hosting by Huawei
  • Hetzner – Free DNS hosting from Hetzner with API support
  • Glauca – Free DNS hosting for up to 3 domains and DNSSEC support
  • F5 – Free Anycast DNS hosting for primary zones. And free for secondary zones up to 1 domain and 3 million requests per month.


  • — Backblaze B2 cloud storage. Free 10 GB (Amazon S3-like) object storage for unlimited time
  • — S3-Compatible Object Storage. Free 75 GB storage and external outgoing traffic
  • — Terraform Cloud. Free remote state management and team collaboration for teams up to 5 users.



  • — Looks like a spreadsheet, but it's a relational database, unlimited bases, 1,200 rows/base and 1,000 API requests/month
  • Astra — Cloud Native Cassandra as a Service with 40GB free tier
  • — RabbitMQ as a Service, up to 1M messages/month and 20 connections free
  • — PostgreSQL as a service, 20 MB free
  • FaunaDB — Serverless cloud database, with native GraphQL, multi-model access and daily free tiers up to 100 MB
  • HarperDb — Serverless cloud database, with dynamic schema based on JSON, 3000 IOPS with 1GB storage
  • — Neo4j as a service, up to 1,000 nodes and 10,000 relations free
  • — PostgreSQL as a service, up to 10,000 rows and 20 connections free (provided as an "addon," but can be attached to an otherwise empty app and accessed externally)
  • Upstash — Serverless Redis with free tier up to 10,000 requests per day, 256MB max database size, and 20 concurrent connections
  • MongoDB Atlas — free tier gives 512 MB
  • — Online real-time monitoring and administration service for Redis, Monitoring for 1 Redis instance free
  • redislabs - Free 30Mb redis instance
  • MemCachier — Managed Memcache service. Free for up to 25MB, 1 Proxy Server and basic analytics
  • — Primarily a PaaS but offers a 128MB to 192MB free tier of MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB
  • SeaTable — Flexible, Spreadsheet-like Database built by Seafile team. unlimited tables, 2,000 lines, 1-month versioning, up to 25 team members.
  • — Cloud Data Platform, offers free tier and all plans are completely free while in beta
  • StackBy — One tool that brings together flexibility of spreadsheets, power of databases and built-in integrations with your favorite business apps. Free plan includes unlimited users, 10 stacks, 2GB attachment per stack.
  • InfluxDB — Timeseries database, free up to 3MB/5 minutes writes, 30MB/5 minutes reads and 10,000 cardinalities series
  • Quickmetrics — Timeseries database with dashboard included, free up to 10,000 events/day and total of 5 metrics.
  • - a fast and simple NoSQL cloud database service. With you get schema, relations, automatic REST API (with MongoDB-like queries) and an efficient multi-user admin UI for working with data. Free plan allows 3 users, 2500 records and 1 API requests per second.
  • — Free CockroachDB up to 5GB and 1vCPU.


STUN, WebRTC, Web Socket Servers and Other Routers

  • — Visual Studio extension to expose IIS Express to the local network or over a tunnel to a public URL.
  • Hamachi — LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that lets you securely extend LAN-like networks to distributed teams with free plan allows unlimited networks with up to 5 peoples
  • Radmin VPN - Connect multiple computers together via a VPN enabling LAN-like networks. Unlimited peers. (Hamachi alternative)
  • — Instantly share your localhost environment! No download required. Run your app on port 8080 and then run this command and share the URL.
  • — Expose locally running servers over a tunnel to a public URL.
  • — Hub to translate and route events to other third-party services. 100,000 events/month free
  • — Twilio STUN
  • — Google STUN
  • — Manage, debug, fan-out and proxy all your webhooks to public or internal (ie: localhost) destinations. Also, expose servers running in a private network over a tunnel by getting a public HTTP endpoint ( <----> http://localhost:8080).
  • Xirsys — Global network of STUN / TURN servers with a generous free tier.
  • ZeroTier — FOSS managed virtual Ethernet as a service. Unlimited end-to-end encrypted networks of 100 clients on free plan. Clients for desktop/mobile/NA; web interface for configuration of custom routing rules and approval of new client nodes on private networks.

Issue Tracking and Project Management

  • — Free project management and SCRUM software for up to 5 team members
  • AppFlux — Project Management tool with Log Management & Issues. Take your team onboard & forget management through emails.
  • — Free for private project with collaborators
  • Backlog — Everything your team needs to release great projects in one platform. Free plan offers 1 Project with 10 users & 100MB storage.
  • Basecamp - To-do lists, milestone management, forum-like messaging, file sharing, and time tracking. Up to 3 projects, 20 users, and 1GB of storage space.
  • — Free intranet and project management tool
  • — Online diagrams in real-time: flowchart, UML, network. Free max. 15 users/diagram, 25 sheets
  • — Project management. Free, premium version with cloud storage. Mobile applications and Git integrations available
  • Cloudcraft — Design a professional architecture diagram in minutes with the Cloudcraft visual designer, optimized for AWS with smart components that show live data too.
  • Clubhouse - Project management platform. Free for up to 10 users forever
  • Codegiant — Project Management with Repository hosting & CI/CD. Free Plan Offers Unlimited Repositories,Projects & Documents with 5 Team Members. 500 CI/CD minutes per month. 30000 Serverless Code Run minutes per month.1GB repository storage.
  • Confluence - Atlassian's content collaboration tool used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. Free plan up to 10 users.
  • — Customizable project management platform, free starter plan, 5 workspaces
  • — Online diagrams stored locally, in Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Free for all features and storage levels
  • - tasks, discussions, milestones, time tracking, calendar, files and password manager. Free plan with unlimited projects, users and files storage.
  • — Free simple and intuitive sprint retrospective tool
  • GForge — Project Management & Issue Tracking toolset for complex projects with self-premises and SaaS options. SaaS free plan offers first 5 users free & free for Open Source Projects.
  • — Free description-to-diagrams tool for developers. Create informal, UML class, object, or entity-relationship diagrams using your keyword.
  • — Online diagrams: flowchart, UML, wireframe,... Also plugins for Jira and Confluence. 5 diagrams and 2 MB free
  • GraphQL Inspector - GraphQL Inspector ouputs a list of changes between two GraphQL schemas. Every change is precisely explained and marked as breaking, non-breaking or dangerous.
  • — Instant project management for your GitHub issues, free for Open Source
  • Instabug — A comprehensive bug reporting and in-app feedback SDK for mobile apps. Free plan up to 1 app and 1 member.
  • Ilograph — interactive diagrams that allow users to see their infrastructure from multiple perspectives and levels of detail. Diagrams can be expressed in code. Free tier has unlimited private diagrams with up to 3 viewers.
  • Issue Embed - A bug reporting tool for websites to go directly into your Github Issues. Free plan for personal repositories with up to 500 issues/month and 10,000 page views/month.
  • Jira — Advanced software development project management tool used in many corporate environments. Free plan up to 10 users.
  • — Board-based project management. Free, premium version with more options
  • — Kanban board-based project management. Free, paid plans with more options
  • - Collaborate through all phases of the product development process and keep track of work across Slack, Discord, Figma, and Github. Unlimited users, unlimited spaces. Free plan up to 250 work items.
  • — Kanban board-based project management. Free for 3 collaborators, 2 projects and 5 tracks. Paid plans available for unlimited collaborators, projects and tracks.
  • — Relationship maps with animation, decorations, filters, clustering, spreadsheet imports and more. Free tier allows unlimited public projects. Graph size unlimited. Free private projects for students. Sandbox mode is available if you prefer to not leave your file publicly online (upload, edit, download, discard).
  • LeanBoard — Collaborative whiteboard with sticky notes for your GitHub issues (Useful for Example Mapping and other techniques)
  • Linear — Issue tracker with streamlined interface. Free for unlimited members, up to 10MB file upload size, 250 issues (excluding Archive)
  • MeisterTask — Online task management for teams. Free up to 3 projects, unlimited project members.
  • MeuScrum - Free online scrum tool with kanban board
  • nTask — Project management software that enables your teams tn collaborate, plan, analyze and manage everyday tasks. Basic Plan free forever with 100 MB storage, 5 users/team. Unlimited workspaces, meetings,tasks, timesheets and issue tracking.
  • Ora - Agile task management & team collaboration. Free for up to 3 users and files are limited to 10 MB.
  • — Free for unlimited public projects and two private projects with 3 total active users (read-write) and unlimited passive users (read-only).
  • — Project Management with Repository Hosting and more options. Free for 2 users with 10 customers and 500MB Storage
  • — Free online planning poker (estimation tool)
  • - An Application Lifecycle Management solution for Issue Tracking and Project Management, on-premise and open source version are available as well.
  • ScrumFast - Scrum board with a very intuitive interface, free up to 5 users.
  • SpeedBoard - Board for Agile and Scrum retrospectives - Free.
  • Shake - In-app bug reporting and feedback tool for mobile apps. Free plan, 10 bug reports per app/per month.
  • Tadum - Meeting agenda and minutes app designed for recurring meetings, free for teams up to 10
  • — Project management platform for startups and agile developers, free for Open Source
  • Tara AI — Simple sprint management service. Free plan has unlimited tasks, sprints and workspaces, with no user limits.
  • — Visual project management, from Kanban and Scrum to almost any operational process. Free for unlimited users, up to 1,000 data entities {more details}
  • — Real-time collaborative task lists and outlines for teams
  • — Role based project management. Free up to 5 users. Integration with GitHub/Trello/Dropbox/Google Drive
  • — Project management & Team Chat. Free for 5 users and 2 projects. Premium plans available.
  • — Issue tracking, test management and beta testing platform. Free for private use
  • — Online diagram maker specifically for software architecture. Free tier up to 4 layers per diagram.
  • — Collaborative and individual task management. Free, Premium and Team plans are available. Discounts provided for eligible users.
  • — Board-based project management. Unlimited Personal Boards, 10 Team Boards.
  • Tweek — Simple Weekly To-Do Calendar & Task Management.
  • — Test platform, integration and crowdtesters, 2 projects, 5 members
  • vabotu - A collaborative tool for project management. Free and other plans are available. The Freelance plan is for 10 users, include messaging, task-boards, 5GB online storage, workspaces, export data.
  • — Free tool for Agile project management. Scrum Compatible
  • Wikifactory — Product designing Service with Projects, VCS & Issues. Free plan offers unlimited projects & collaborators and 3GB storage.
  • Yodiz — Agile development and issue tracking. Free up to 3 users, unlimited projects.
  • YouTrack — Free hosted YouTrack (InCloud) for FOSS projects, private projects (free for 3 users). Includes time tracking and agile boards
  • — The only project management solution inside GitHub. Free for public repos, OSS and nonprofit organizations
  • - The project management tool that lets you plan features, collaborate across disciplines, and build software together. Free up to 5 members. No feature restrictions.
  • — Project management and collaboration tool. Free for up to 5 members, 5 GB attachments.
  • Zube — Project management with free plan for 4 Projects & 4 users. GitHub integration available.


Storage and Media Processing

  • — Simple and secure offsite backup hosting for Borg Backup. 10 GB free backup space and 2 repositories.
  • — Smart Image CDN with on-the-fly image optimization and resizing. Free tier includes 500 MB of storage and 2 GB bandwidth.
  • — Image upload, powerful manipulations, storage and delivery for websites and apps, with SDK's, integrations and migration tools. Free tier includes 25 credits. 1 credit is equal to 1 GB of CDN usage, 1GB of storage or 1000 image transformations.
  • — Full image optimization and CDN service with 1500+ Points of Presence around the world. A variety of image resizing, compression, watermarking functions. Open source plugins for responsive images, 360 image making and image editing. Free monthly plan with 25GB of CDN traffic and 25GB of cache storage and unlimited transformations.
  • — Image upload, powerful manipulations, storage and delivery for sites and apps, with libraries for Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Objective-C and more. Free tier includes 25 monthly credits. 1 credit is equal to 1,000 image transformations, 1 GB of storage, or 1 GB of CDN usage.
  • — one-click, hosted database provider. They provide a database for the programming language of your choice for development purposes. The DB is ephemeral and will be deleted after 24 or 72 hours on the free tier.
  • — Provides APIs for embedding media in a webpage, responsive image scaling, extracting elements from a webpage. Free for up to 5,000 URLs/month at 15 requests/second
  • — File picker, transform and deliver, free for 250 files, 500 transformations and 3 GB bandwidth
  • — Image resize-as-a-service. It also optimizes images and performs delivery via CDN. Free tier includes 1 GB bandwidth and unlimited number of image processing every month for 1 year.
  • — Unlimited image chart generation with a watermark
  • — Free JSON data storage service, ideal for small-scale web apps, website, mobile apps.
  • — Image optimization for website performance as a service, free plan up to 1 MB file size
  • — JSON store with collaborative schema editing
  • — Encrypt, share, copy and move all your cloud storage files from one place. Basic plan provides unlimited files transfer with 250 MB max. file size and allows 5 encrypted files
  • — Hosted Package Repositories for YUM, APT, RubyGem and PyPI. Limited free plans, open source plans available via request
  • — Responsive image optimization and delivery for every website. Free plan for developers and personal websites. Includes free CDN, WebP and Lazy Loading out of the box.
  • Pinata IPFS — Pinata is the simplest way to upload and manage files on IPFS. Our friendly user interface combined with our IPFS API makes Pinata the easiest IPFS pinning service for platforms, creators, and collectors. 1 GB storage free along with access to API.
  • — A quick and simple image placeholder service
  • — A quick and simple service for getting pictures of kittens for use as placeholders
  • — Graph and share your data. Free tier includes unlimited public files and 10 private files
  • — You can use Podio with a team of up to five people and try out the features of the Basic Plan, except user management
  • QuickChart — Generate embeddable image charts, graphs, and QR codes
  • — P2P file syncing, free for up to 2 users
  • — Free image optimization of GitHub repos
  • Storj — Decentralised Private Cloud Storage for Apps and Developers. Free plan provides 3 Projects, 50 GB storage per project/month , 50 GB bandwidth per project/month.
  • — API to compress and resize PNG and JPEG images, offers 500 compressions for free each month
  • — Handles file uploads and encoding of video, audio, images, documents. Free for Open source, charities, and students via the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Commercial applications get 2 GB free for test driving
  • — Uploadcare provides media pipeline with ultimate toolkit based on cutting-edge algorithms. All features are available for developers absolutely for free: File Uploading API and UI, Image CDN and Origin Services, Adaptive Delivery and Smart Compression.
  • – Image CDN with automatic optimization, real-time transformation, and storage that you can integrate with existing setup in minutes. Free plan includes up to 20GB bandwidth per month.
  • – Internxt Drive is a zero-knowledge file storage service that's based on absolute privacy and uncompromising security. Sign up and get 2 GB for free, forever!


Design and UI

  • Mockplus iDoc - Mockplus iDoc is a powerful design collaboration & handoff tool. Free Plan includes 3 users and 5 projects with all features available.
  • AllTheFreeStock - a curated list of free stock images, audio and videos.
  • Ant Design Landing Page - Ant Design Landing Page provides a template built by Ant Motion's motion components. It has a rich homepage template, downloads the template code package, and can be used quickly. You can also use the editor to quickly build your own dedicated page.
  • BoxySVG — A free installable Web app for drawing SVGs and exporting in svg,png,jpeg an other formats.
  • — Free Graphics Design / Photo Collage App, also they offer paid integration of it as component.
  • — Convert anything to anything. 208 supported formats including videos to gif.
  • CodeMyUI - Handpicked collection of Web Design & UI Inspiration with Code Snippets.
  • — Design tool for UI, illustrations and more. Has a native app. Free.
  • — Online, collaborative design tool for teams; free tier includes unlimited files and viewers with a max of 2 editors and 3 projects.
  • Icons8 — Icons, illustrations, photos, music, and design tools. Free Plan offers Limited formats in lower resolution. Link to Icons8 when you use our assets.
  • — Pastebin for images.
  • Invision App - UI design and prototyping tool. Desktop and webapp available. Free to use with 1 active prototype.
  • — Generate, edit and publish beautiful websites and landing pages for your startup. All without code. Free tier allows you to have one website, fully customizable and published on the web.
  • - Free cloud image hosting.
  • Lorem Picsum - A Free tool, easy to use stylish placeholders. Just add your desired image size (width & height) after our URL, and you'll get a random image.
  • — Design, prototyping and collaboration, free plan limited to one user and one project.
  • — Unlimited mind maps for free, and store them in the cloud. Your mind maps are available everywhere, instantly, from any device.
  • — Create realistic t-shirt and clothing mockups for social media and E-commerce, 40 free mockups.
  • — Visual sitemap builder. Build your website structure in real-time and rapidly share it to collaborate with your team or clients.
  • Pencil - Open source design tool using Electron.
  • Penpot - Web based, open source design and prototyping tool. Supports SVG. Completely free.
  • - Free stock photos for commercial use. Has free API that allows you to search photos by keywords.
  • — A Free, Advanced online design editor with Adobe Photoshop UI supporting PSD, XCF & Sketch formats (Adobe Photoshop, Gimp and Sketch App).
  • — Free online browser editor on the level of commercial ones.
  • Plasmic - A fast, easy to use, powerful web design tool and page builder that integrates into your codebase. Build responsive pages or complex components; optionally extend with code; and publish to production sites and apps.
  • - Create fully interactive UI prototypes without coding. Free tier available when free trial ends. Free tier includes: 1 user, 1 project, 5 prototypes, 100MB online storage and preview in app.
  • — A simple service to resize and manage your app icons.
  • Rive — Create and ship beautiful animations to any platform. Free forever for Individuals. The service is a editor which hosts all the graphics on their servers as well. They also provide runtimes for many platforms to run graphics made using Rive.
  • — Create product mockups, 200 free mockups.
  • unDraw - A constantly updated collection of beautiful svg images that you can use completely free and without attribution.
  • - Free stock photos for commercial and noncommercial purposes (do-whatever-you-want license).
  • — Free Design App for Web + Desktop.
  • — Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform, free plan 3 walk-thrus up to 5 steps/walk.
  • Webflow - WYSIWYG web site builder with animations and website hosting. Free for 2 projects.
  • - WYSIWYG web site builder for tailwindcss based designs. Free for non-commercial usage.
  • - Collaborative flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes and mind maps. Create up to 4 free boards.
  • Zeplin — Designer and developer collaboration platform. Show designs, assets and styleguides. Free for 1 project.
  • Pixelixe — Create and edit engaging and unique graphics and images online.
  • Responsively App - A free dev-tool for faster and precise responsive web application development.
  • SceneLab - Online mockup graphics editor with an ever-expanding collection of free design templates
  • xLayers - Preview and convert Sketch design files into Angular, React, Vue, LitElement, Stencil, Xamarin and more (free and open source at
  • Grapedrop — Responsive, powerful, SEO optimized web page builder based on GrapesJS Framework. Free for first 5 pages, unlimited custom domains, all features and simple usage.
  • Mastershot - Completely free browser-based video editor. No watermark, up to 1080p export options.
  • Unicorn Platform - Effortless landing page builder with hosting. 1 website for free.

Data Visualization on Maps

  • IP Geolocation — Free DEVELOPER plan available with 30K requests/month.
  • — Create maps and geospatial APIs from your data and public data.
  • — The simple, yet powerful platform that gives you tools to visualize your geospatial data with a free tier.
  • — APIs and SDKs for maps, geospatial data storage, analysis, geocoding, routing, and more across web, desktop, and mobile. 2,000,000 free basemap tiles, 20,000 non-stored geocodes, 20,000 simple routes, 5,000 drive time calculations, 5GB free tile+data storage per month.
  • Foursquare - Location discovery, venue search, and context-aware content from Places API and Pilgrim SDK.
  • — Geocoding via API or CSV Upload. 2,500 free queries/day.
  • — Geocoding and Geoparsing via API or CSV Upload. 10k free queries/month.
  • — Visualize, analyze and share geo data online.
  • — Maps and geospatial services with an easy to use API and support for big data.
  • A free package for developers is offered for Routing, Route Optimization, Distance Matrix, Geocoding, Map Matching.
  • here — APIs and SDKs for maps and location-aware apps. 250k transactions/month for free.
  • — Maps, geospatial services and SDKs for displaying map data.
  • — Vector maps, map services and SDKs for map visualisation. Free vector tiles with weekly update and four map styles.
  • — Geocoding API that aggregates OpenStreetMap and other open geo sources. 2,500 free queries/day.
  • osmnames — Geocoding, search results ranked by the popularity of related Wikipedia page.
  • positionstack - Free geocoding for global places and coordinates. 25.000 Requests per month for personal use.
  • — Map tiles, routing, navigation, and other geospatial APIs. 2,500 free map views and API requests / day for non-commercial usage and testing.
  • - Free map tiles and tile hosting.
  • GeocodeAPI - Geocode API: Address to Coordinate Conversion & Geoparsing based on Pelias. Batch geocoding via CSV. 350000 free requests/month.


Package Build System


IDE and Code Editing

  • 3v4l - Free online PHP shell and snippet sharing site, runs your code in 300+ PHP versions
  • Android Studio — Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device. Open Source IDE, free for everyone and the best to develop Android apps. Available for Windows,Mac,Linux and even ChromeOS!
  • Apache Netbeans — Development Environment, Tooling Platform and Application Framework.
  • — Collaborative design API with instant API mock and generated documentation (Free for unlimited API blueprints and unlimited user with one admin account and hosted documentation).
  • Atom - Atom is a hackable text editor built on Electron.
  • BlueJ — A free Java Development Environment designed for beginners, used by millions worldwide. Powered by Oracle & simple GUI to help beginners.
  • - Spring Boot app generator with custom database and REST API.
  • — Code snippet organizer with labels and support for 100+ programming languages.
  • Code::Blocks — Free Fortran & C/C++ IDE. Open Source and runs on Windows,macOS & Linux.
  • — Simple code snippets manager with categories, search and tags. free and unlimited.
  • — (formerly SageMathCloud at — Collaborative calculation in the cloud. Browser access to full Ubuntu with built-in collaboration and lots of free software for mathematics, science, data science, preinstalled: Python, LaTeX, Jupyter Notebooks, SageMath, scikitlearn, etc.
  • - A free IDE powered by AWS Cloud9 by Harvard University.
  • — CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web.
  • — Online Playground for React, Vue, Angular, Preact and more.
  • Eclipse Che - Web based and Kubernetes-Native IDE for Developer Teams with multi-language support. Open Source and community driven. A online instance hosted by Red Hat is available at
  • — FakeJSON helps you quickly generate fake data using its API. Make an API request describing what you want and how you want it. The API returns it all in JSON. Speed up the go to market process for ideas and fake it till you make it.
  • — Instant, ready-to-code dev environments for GitHub projects. Free for open source.
  • goormIDE is full IDE on cloud. multi-language support, linux-based container via the fully-featured web-based terminal, port forwarding, custom url, real-time collaboration and chat, share link, Git/Subversion support. There are many more features (free tier includes 1GB RAM and 10GB Storage per container, 5 Container slot).
  • JDoodle — Online compiler and editor for more than 60 programming languages with a free plan for REST API code compiling up to 200 credits per day.
  • — Productivity tools, IDEs and deploy tools (aka IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, etc). Free license for students, teachers, Open Source and user groups.
  • — JS Bin is another playground and code sharing site of front end web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also supports Markdown, Jade and Sass).
  • — JS Fiddle is a playground and code sharing site of front end web, support collaboration as well.
  • JSONPlaceholder Some REST API endpoints that return some fake data in JSON format. The source code is also available if you would like to run the server locally.
  • Katacoda — Interactive learning and training platform for software engineers helping developers learn and companies increase adoption.
  • Lazarus — Lazarus is a Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE for Rapid Application Development.
  • micro-jaymock - Tiny API mocking microservice for generating fake JSON data.
  • — Mockable is a simple configurable service to mock out RESTful API or SOAP web-services. This online service allows you to quickly define REST API or SOAP endpoints and have them return JSON or XML data.
  • mockaroo — Mockaroo lets you generate realistic test data in CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel formats. You can also create mocks for back-end API.
  • Mocklets - a HTTP-based mock API simulator, which helps simulate APIs for faster parallel development and more comprehensive testing, with lifetime free tier.
  • Paiza — Develop Web apps in Browser without having the need to setup anything. Free Plan offers 1 server with 24 hours lifetime and 4 hours running time per day with 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM and 1 GB storage.
  • Prepros - Prepros can compile Sass, Less, Stylus, Pug/Jade, Haml, Slim, CoffeeScript and TypeScript out of the box, reloads your browsers and makes it really easy to develop & test your websites so you can focus on making them perfect. You can also add your own tools with just a few clicks.
  • Replit — A cloud coding environment for various program languages.
  • SoloLearn — A cloud programming playground well-suited for running code snippets. Supports various programming languages. No registration required for running code but required when you need to save code on their platform. Also offers free courses for begginers and intermediate level coders.
  • — Online VS Code IDE for Angular & React.
  • Visual Studio Code - Code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Visual Studio Community — Fully-featured IDE with thousands of extensions, cross-platform app development (Microsoft extensions available for download for iOS and Android), desktop, web and cloud development, multi-language support (C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP and more).
  • VSCodium - Community-driven, without telemetry/tracking, and freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VSCode
  • — Quantified self-metrics about your coding activity, using text editor plugins, limited plan for free.


Analytics, Events and Statistics

  • AO Analytics — Forever FREE Customer Analytics for ALL your websites, with Unlimited Events per month
  • Avo — Simplified analytics release workflow. Single-source-of-truth tracking plan, type safe analytics tracking library, in-app debuggers, data observability to catch all data issues before you release. Free for 2 workspace members and 1 hour data observability lookback.
  • Branch — Mobile Analytics Platform. Free Tier offers upto 10K Mobile App Users with deep-linking & other services.
  • Clicky — Website Analytics Platform. Free Plan for 1 website with 3000 views analytics.
  • Databox — Business Insights & Analytics by combining other analytics & BI platforms. Free Plan offers 3 users, dashboards & data sources. 11M historical data records.
  • — Customer analytics platform to optimize customer engagement, increase conversion, and improve retention. Free up to 50M events/month.
  • — Blazingly fast and private, free tier includes 5,000 pageviews per month for unlimited websites
  • — 2,000 pageviews per month for 1 website
  • — 1 million monthly events, up to 2 apps
  • — GoatCounter is an open source web analytics platform available as a hosted service (free for non-commercial use) or self-hosted app. It aims to offer easy to use and meaningful privacy-friendly web analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics or Matomo. Free tier is for non-commerical use and includes unlimited number of sites, 6 months of data retention, and 100k pageviews/month.
  • Google Analytics — Google Analytics
  • — Expense reporting, free personal reporting approval workflow
  • - Privacy-focused, cookie free analytics, free for up to 5k events/month.
  • — Automatically captures every user action in iOS or web apps. Free for up to 5,000 visits/month
  • Hotjar — Website Analytics and Reports . Free Plan allows 2000 pageviews/day. 100 snapshots/day (max capacity: 300). 3 snapshot heatmaps which can be stored for 365 days. Unlimited Team Members.
  • — Landing page analysis with suggestions to improve bounce rates. Free 5 landing pages/domain
  • — Custom Analytics for data collection, analysis and visualization. 50,000 events/month free
  • — Unlimited free analytics
  • — 100,000 monthly tracked users, unlimited data history and seats, US or EU data residency
  • Moesif — API analytics for REST and GraphQL. (Free up to 500,000 API calls/mo)
  • Molasses - Powerful feature flags and A/B testing. Free up to 3 environments with 5 feature flags each.
  • — A/B Testing solution, free starter plan, 1 website, 1 iOS and 1 Android app
  • Microsoft PowerBI — Business Insights & Analytics by Microsoft. Free Plan offers limited use with 1 Million User licenses.
  • — Unlimited free analytics
  • — Free for up to 50 K actions/month, 1-day data retention, unlimited dashboards, users, etc.
  • Similar Web — Analytics for Web & Mobile Apps. Free Plan offers 5 results per metric, 1 month of mobile app data & 3 months of website data.
  • StatCounter — Website Viewer Analytics. Free plan for analytics of 500 most recent visitors.
  • Tableau Developer Program — Innovate, create, and make Tableau work perfectly for your organization. Free developer program gives a personal development sandbox license for Tableau Online. The version is the latest pre-release version so Data Devs can test each & every feature of this superb platform.
  • — Test designs and mockups on real people, track visitors. Free for one user, unlimited tests
  • — Free user analytics platform for 500K actions, 90 day data retention, 30+ one click integration.


Visitor Session Recording

  • — Per site: 1,000 pages views/day, 3 heatmaps, 3 widgets, free bug tracking
  • - 1,000 sessions/month with 30 day retention, error tracking, live mode
  • — 1,000 sessions/month with 1 month data retention and 3 user seats. More information here.
  • — Per site: 2,000 pages views/day, 3 heatmaps, data stored for 3 months,...
  • — 100 sessions/month free for 1 website
  • — 1,000 sessions/month free for 1 website
  • Microsoft Clarity - Session recording completely free with "no traffic limits", no project limits, and no sampling
  • — 100 sessions/month free for 1 website
  • — 100 sessions/month free for 1 website
  • — free packages for web and mobile apps (1500 sessions/month), 3 heatmaps, 1 funnel, 1-month data history
  • — 250K sessions per month for individuals.
  • — Track user interaction, engagement, and event. Free for up to 5,000 visits/month
  • — Record and watch how visitors use your web site or app. Free unlimited time for small projects


International Mobile Number Verification API and SDK

  • — Freemium mobile number verification through an innovative and reliable method than using SMS gateway. Free 10 tries and 15 verifications/day
  • — Global phone number validation and lookup JSON API. 250 API requests/month
  • — Global phone number verification in a free, fast, reliable JSON API. 1000 requests/month

Payment and Billing Integration

  • CurrencyFreaks — Provides current and historical currency exchange rates. Free DEVELOPER plan available with 1000 requests/month.
  • — Live Currency Rates for Physical and Crypto currencies, delivered in JSON and XML. Free tier offers 1,250 API requests/month.
  • — Reliable Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion for your Business, 1,000 API requests/month free
  • — Production-ready real-time exchange rates for 154 currencies.
  • - An easy to use currency conversion JSON API. Free tier with no request limit.
  • — Help merchants to prevent payment fraud and chargebacks. Free Micro Plan available with 500 queries/month.
  • - Get the most of your Stripe notifications with contextualized information.
  • - Complete platform for in-app purchases and subscriptions on iOS and Android, including no-code paywalls, CRM, and analytics. Free for all base features to run an IAP business.
  • — Hosted backend for in-app purchases and subscriptions (iOS and Android). Free up to $10k/mo in tracked revenue.
  • — Instant VAT number validation and EU VAT rates API, free 100 API requests/month
  • — Free currency conversion and exchange rate data API. 10 requests/hour without an API key, 50 000 requests per month when you register for free.


Docker Related

  • — 20 free private repositories for developers, 30 free private repositories for teams to build and store Docker images
  • Container Registry Service - Harbor based Container Management Solution. Free tier offers 1 GB storage for private repositories.
  • Docker Hub — One free private repository and unlimited public repositories to build and store Docker images
  • Play with Docker — A simple, interactive and fun playground to learn Docker.
  • — Build and store container images with unlimited free public repositories
  • — Host and manage container images with group permissions. Free tier offers 1 GB storage for private repositories.


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