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I manage Local Fence Builders San Angelo. Local Fence Builders San Angelo is ready to assist with your next fence installation or repair in San Angelo. If you want to work with a local fence company in San Angelo, we will help you by partnering you with a family owned fence company. If you need a new fence installation or a fence repair, know that there if a local fence company ready to help you. The most common types of fencing work requested include fence repair and fence installation. The most common types of fence materials we work with include vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, and wooden privacy fencing.


As part of your initial consultation and to best serve your needs, the most fencing experts will ask some of these important questions:

  • Is your property residential or commercial?
  • What sort of area (i.e. yard, lot, pool) are you looking to enclose?
  • What is the length and width of your lot?
  • Do you have a preference of fence materials?
  • What is your budget?
  • Why do you need a fence?
  • Is the fence for privacy, aesthetic, or security purposes?

No matter the reasons for wanting a fence, our partner team offers a variety of options to meet your individualized needs.

With the largest selection of fencing materials in the greater San Angelo area, the fence experts will schedule an on-property consultation to help you choose the fence best suited for your needs. Fencing materials include:

  • Hardwood, such as oak, maple, and hickory
  • Softwoods, such as cedar, pine, redwood, and cypress
  • Synthetic Vinyl
  • Metal, such as chainlink and wrought iron

The fencing contractors can review the pros and cons of each material and offer suggestions on what will best work for your needs and property.

As leaders in the industry, the partner team at LocalFenceBuilders.com is composed of trusted professionals. From your initial inquiry to the final product, they pride themselves on exceptional customer service. Estimates are accurate and fair, and when you employ their fencing experts there are never any unexpected surprises or unprofessional bait-and-switch sales tactics.

The partner team communicates with you throughout every step of the process, so you, the property owner, understands the “hows” and “whys” of the installation, repair, or maintenance procedures. The expert contractors never suggest something you don’t need.


What San Angelo area communities do you service?

LocalFenceBuilders.com services the residential and commercial fencing needs of the entire San Angelo metro region and surrounding suburbs. Not only do we help home and business owners in San Angelo with their fence installation, but also in the greater Tom Green County. We can also assist in other areas in Texas, including Houston and San Antonio.

This is just a small sample of the communities LocalFenceBuilders.com services. Just give the office a call to see if the partner team services your neighborhood. The fencing contractors are the go-to source for all of your needs and can’t wait to help you reach your fencing goals. 

Wooden Fence Builders San Angelo

How many times have you driven down the street and saw a beautiful wood fence? There is a nostalgic quality to them that conjures up the American Dream and happy memories. Wood fences are some of the most popular fencing options due to their strength, durability, and aesthetic qualities. At LocalFenceBuilders.com, the expert partner team is your source for wood fence construction in the San Angelo, Texas, metro area. If you have questions about wood fencing or are looking for a quality fence construction partner team, complete a quote request form today.


Why choose wood for your fencing needs?

Wood fences are built to last. They’re durable and resistant to the elements and most insects. Wood fences are also more affordable when compared to vinyl and metal options. Many home and property owners love the natural appeal offered by wood, and the fence can be designed to match the aesthetics of your home, barn, or other buildings on your property. In fact, wood fences often raise the overall value of your property.

One of the best aspects of wood fences is that they’re entirely customizable. You can choose to stain the wood or paint it in any color you wish. Repainting your home? Not a problem; just repaint your fence at the same time to match!

Many people opt for wooden fences because it is a renewable resource. You can feel good knowing your choice isn’t harming the environment. In the future, if you ever choose to take down the fence, you can reuse the wood for other projects.

Many wood fences include a warranty. Make sure to speak with your LocalFenceBuilders.com representative to see if a warranty is applicable in your situation.

Different Wood Fence Styles

Yes! One of the best things about wood fences is that they don’t all look the same. Each style offers different aesthetics along with differing levels of privacy and security. Here are some of the most common styles:

Tradition Wood Picket Privacy Fence

This is the style many people imagine when they think of wood fences. It’s an iconic style and a slice of the American suburbs that will complement your home. A picket fence offers plenty of privacy and security. This fence can be designed to a variety of heights to meet your specific needs.

Board On Board Custom Wood Fence

A board on board fence offers moderate privacy while still allowing some line of sight through the fence. This is a classy option that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself so it matches well with any architectural style.

Custom Board and Batten

Similar to the look of a board on board fence, the board and batten style offers full privacy for the property owner. It’s durable and a good choice for San Angelo area residents because it holds up to high winds and hail which often occur during the summer months. A board and batten fence is also an optimal choice for fencing off an area on a steep incline.

Split Wood Rail Type Fencing

This style of fence provides maximum through visibility and is a good choice for large acreage or for securing livestock. Since this option uses less lumber, it’s a highly economical choice.

Horizontal Slat Fence Design

A horizontal slat fence utilizes boards that are secured horizontally instead of vertically like most other fencing options. This is a nice choice to privatize urban spaces such as a backyard patio or a rooftop entertaining space. Many people enjoy this style of fence for its modern and hip look.

Need a wood fence for your home or commercial property? Call the partner team at LocalFenceBuilders.com today. A friendly representative will lead you through the process and offer a fair and honest estimate.

How are wood fences constructed?

The most important aspect of wood fence construction is making sure it’s installed by trusted professionals like the partner team at LocalFenceBuilders.com. Many people try to construct fences on their own only to find that it isn’t as simple as it looks. Without partner teaming with experienced contractors, you run the risk of misjudging the amount of lumber needed (i.e. buying too much or too little), and without extensive installation experience, do-it-yourself fencing projects are often flimsy and don’t last as long as fences that are professionally installed.

LocalFenceBuilders.com has the correct tools needed for the job along with the partner team to handle the heavy lifting and exhausting work it takes to build a wood fence. But it’s more than just physical labor; the planning and layout are equally important. Without precise planning by a trusted fence contracting partner team, you run the risk of constructing a fence that is uneven or unlevel.  

Most wood fence construction goes through these steps:

  1. Planning, Permitting, and Surveying
  2. Mapping and Plotting Fence Location
  3. Aquiring materials
  4. Placing corner posts
  5. Setting intermediate posts
  6. Connecting stringers
  7. Attaching fence boards
  8. Constructing and attaching gate (if needed)
  9. Applying finish

Does this seem confusing? This is exactly why you need to partner team with the quality craftspeople at LocalFenceBuilders.com for your wood fence construction needs.

What type of wood should I choose for my fence?

With so many types of wood available for fencing, it might seem a bit intimidating to know which type is best for your property. Fortunately, the LocalFenceBuilders.com partner team has the knowledge to lead you through the decision making process.

Before choosing the type of wood for your fence, it’s important to know a little bit about the different types. Wood comes in two categories: hardwood and softwood. The type that is best for you depends on the reasons you need a fence in the first place.

Softwood Lumber For Fences

Softwood, also known as evergreen, are trees with needles and produce cones. Their trunks are usually very straight, making them great options for construction and fencing. In fact, softwood is the most popular wood for fencing projects.

This is because softwood is in abundant supply, reasonably priced, and produces oils and resins that repel termites and other insects, along with mold and mildew. Softwoods include: Cedar, Pine, Cypress, Redwood, Fir, Spruce.

Though all softwood is affordable, spruce tends to be one of the cheapest options in terms of price, whereas redwood is the most expensive. Even though redwood is a bit pricier, it offers gorgeous aesthetics with its deep ruby color. It’s also exceptionally durable and resists rotting. Spruce, on the other hand, risks warping under excessively wet conditions and doesn’t boast the insect repellent qualities like many other softwoods.

If you live in an area prone to insects, like here in the San Angelo area, cedar makes an excellent choice for your fencing needs. Cedar’s natural oils and acids repel insects of all types. So if you’ve had a fence in the past that was crippled by insect activity, try cedar. You’ll be sure to love its tan with a tinge of red coloring as well.

Cypress comes in both tan and red hues and is a great choice in regions with wet conditions like the San Angelo area. A prevalent wood source in the Southeast, fence seekers throughout Texas can find exceptional prices when choosing cypress.

Pine is a common and adequate fencing material, especially if you are fencing off large areas. It doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal as many of the other softwood choices, but it is strong and durable.

Can pressure treated pine be a good choice for fences?

Pressure-treated wood is the least expensive wood fence option. It is produced by taking marginal quality pine or fir and treating it with a combination of chemicals.

This process makes it resistant to water and insects.

Keep in mind, some of the chemicals used in the process are known to be toxic, so this type of wood is probably not a good choice to enclose yards surrounding family homes with children and pets.

That said, pressure-treated wood is highly durable, often lasting 20 years or more.

Hardwood Lumber For Wood Fences

Hardwood comes from the types of trees that drop their leaves each fall and grow them back each spring. Though hardwoods can be used for fencing, they are most often used for furniture and other decorative woodwork. Examples of hardwood include: Oak, Walnut, Hickory, Beech, Mahogany, Ash.

When it comes to fences, hardwood is most suitable for horizontal slatting. Because hardwood is extremely durable, fences made with this material typically last for a long time. That said, all fences need careful maintenance and repairs from time to time for optimal longevity. The partner team at LocalFenceBuilders.com can let you know if hardwood is a suitable option for your needs.

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